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March 17, 2018 winning numbers:
21013233121   21
Jackpot: $ MILLION; 1 in 46 tickets wins
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This site is for people who like to play the lottery and is dedicated to NY Lotto lottery game. Why NY Lotto? Because it has one of the biggest jackpots in the world, meaning that with a little bit of luck you can become a multi-millionaire in an instant!

NY Lotto is a very popular lottery in the United States and is played in New York state. However, picking the right combination is not easy as there are millions of them. That's why we provide lottery advice and statistics for those who are truly determined to win.

In addition, as our site's visitors requested, we started selling lottery tickets online. Unlike other websites that charge 2 to 5 times the actual ticket price, we sell tickets at their real price with no minimum to buy and only a small 20% service charge. Sign Up for free now and start buying NY lotto lottery tickets online saving you a trip to a lottery retailer.

You might pick good numbers and abide by all strategies but what if your combination was drawn before? Don't make this common mistake and use our free tools to evaluate your number combinations. As a free member, you can easily check whether your combination was drawn before and use up-to-date statistical reports to figure out the best numbers - numbers that will lead you to a big win.

NY Lotto lottery provides many unique opportunities to get rich. You don't have to guess all numbers correctly in order to win. By guessing 4 out of 6 numbers you can buy yourself a nice dinner, and, if you're even luckier, with guessing 5 out of 6 numbers correctly you can pocket a few thousands. Moreover, when you play NY Lotto online via our site, you can contribute to a public, virtually limitless Pool, greatly increasing your chances of winning.

Did you know that on average, 35% of all NY Lotto ticket sales support government services in the member state? Additionally, approximately 50% of every dollar wagered goes back to the players in prizes. And finally, approximately 15% goes to retailer commissions and lottery operating costs. So what does it mean? The more lottery tickets you buy, the bigger the Jackpot gets.